Creating a new Africa where preventive healthcare is comfortably accessible to everyone!

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Ultra-modern, data-driven, tech-enabled Preventive Healthcare

We are on a mission to reduce the alarming rate of occurrence of preventable deaths in Africa by using ultra-modern, connected, and data-driven technology to redesign preventive healthcare solutions for all stakeholders in emerging markets.

For You!

Decentralized, democratized, personalized, and continuous preventive healthcare solutions designed around your utmost convenience. Access UClinic (the Uber for Preventive Healthcare) and get assigned to a professional caregiver. You can also gain early access to ClinicX (the interactive AI virtual assistant for personalized healthcare), and experience the next phase of data-driven technology!
The goal is to ensure no one dies from something preventable!

For Enterprises

Focus on your daily activities while we bother with keeping your team a healthy and happy one. We believe human resources at every level have a key role to play and they must be continuously looked after to ensure the long-term success of your enterprise. No matter the level of personnel dependence in your establishment, with our holistic corporate healthcare packages, you can focus on your core business while we focus on the welfare of your staff. Get onboard our effective preventive healthcare solutions tailored for your team to prevent overall loss of productivity due to preventable diseases!

For Partners

We assist healthcare providers with a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge technology solutions designed for partners in emerging markets. Regardless of all barriers, take your operations and facility digital in a few steps, and start gaining meaningful and actionable insights from your data and records to make effective data-driven decisions. From patient digital clerking with artificial intelligence to on-cloud electronic medical records suite to health management and information system, with us, you experience the next phase of connected technology.
The goal is to ensure no one dies from preventable clerking or medical error!​

We are shifting the concept of Healthcare in Africa from curing the sick to preventing sickness and deaths!

Every year, Africa loses more than 2 million people to preventable deaths (hypertension, stroke, cancer, etc.). This is happening because Africa has been too focused on emergency and curative healthcare. We are using technology to accelerate Africa's transition from Curative Healthcare to a Preventive Healthcare system, one country at a time!